Good News Bad News

Well, I spent some time in my darkroom a couple of weeks back. For those of you who know me, my recent move to Chicago has separated me from my darkroom by several hundred miles, so spending time in there is a special event. I did some organizing and cleanup, as well as developing film.

Because of my lack of organizational skills, I don’t always keep up with my work. That’s the bad news; I tend to start things that may not get finished for a while. But the good news is that I discovered some lovely images taken at our friends’ farm in New Brunswick, so I can share them with you now.

Enjoy. [Note: You can click on the image to see it full-size.]

"New Brunswick, 2005"
"New Brunswick Marsh, 2005"
"Driftwood, 2005"

Sunrise at Haleakala

Haleakala Crater – at the top of Maui – is a lovely place to watch the sun rise, as evidenced by this little video I put together. If you decide to go, make sure and take your long underwear, because at ten thousand feet is can easily be in the mid-30’s. Once the sun is up, you might want to go tramping around the park, which is absolutely stunning.